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Tamara, Gold Coast, NSW, Australia

I am happiest when…

When, at the end of a long day, we are cosy in our PJ’s and the kids and I are snuggling on the couch. Or when I’m eating, always happy to be eating.

I never leave the house without…

Car Keys, Handbag - filled with 25 toy cars, 15 stuffed teddies, baby wipes and snacks, lots of snacks! All the Mums are currently nodding their head along with me 😊.

The person I most admire is… 

As cliché as it sounds, my Mum. She is an incredibly positive person who will find the good in anyone and every situation. She reminds me to shine brighter, smile more and be grateful every day for what we have.

I am really looking forward to…

Getting fitter, moving house and renovating.

My first job was…

Kmart when I was 15 years old.

If I won the lottery, the first person I would call is…

My husband… then a Travel Agent.

Why do you drink chai latte, and why Bondi Chai?

I don’t drink coffee and when I would meet friends for “coffee” I wanted something warm on the cooler days so I tried a Chai. Some are great and others are almost undrinkable. Bondi Chai is spot on time after time. I actually ask if it’s Bondi Chai before ordering at cafés now as I’ve learnt the hard way!

When/where did you first taste Bondi Chai?

My local café around the corner has it, and when my husband brought it home for the first time I fell in love with him all over again. Ok, maybe that’s the Chai talking!

Which is your favourite Bondi Chai variety?

Ginger n Spice. I’m not vegan but I am a ginger lover so the spices in this one is for me.