Lauren H.

"I spent so long looking for a gluten free chai latte mix and FINALLY I fell onto Bondi Chai. What a dream, tastes delicious. I'm hooked!"


John C.

Speedy Delivery

We ordered our Bondi Chai Mugs on a Thursday and they were delivered on the following Monday - incredible. The mugs were strongly boxed and wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. Overall a great experience. Thank-you, JM, Buddina Qld

Melissa M.

So glad I found it!

Bondi chai is by far the tastiest most conveniently packaged chai I have ever come across. I love both flavours and find it hard to drink anything else.

Kim C.


Simple and easy to order online and delivered quickly

Lina J.

Excellent instant chai

Love them on first try, great tasting, also not too sweet.

Rebbecca M.

Amazing Product!

Amazing product! Definitely will be ordering more. Club Cinnamon has a beautiful flavour. Exceptional service very quick post/delivery...amazing experience all round...thank you!!

Margaret B.


I purchased this originally because my O.T. can only have Gluten Free things. She LOVES the Club Cinnamon Chai Latte while id LOVE the Vanilla Honey Chai Latte - in fact I have it for morning tea nearly every day.

Melissa C.

Creamy and spicy

Warm, creamy and spicy. Very indolent.

Melissa C.

Creamy and delicious

This was very light and creamy. Not as spicy, so smooth and delicious.

Fiona B.

Devine Chai Latte

Bondi Chai ginger n spice is a cafe experience in your own home every single time!

John M.

quality product!

Your Bondi Chai is actually delicious. I found a little honey sweetened it for me. I've reduced my daily intake quite a bit, but could order more soon. Well done. Cheers John. Yamba nsw

Donald M.

Great Chai Tea

Great product and swift service so what more could you ask for Highly recommended!

Jennifer J.


This product is so yummy! I will definitely be buying again.

Sue W.

The best out there

Beautiful blend of sweet and spicy! Love this mix as there's no other like it. Highly recommended

Lesley A.


Bondi Chai is not only the best Chai but the website is easy to use and the service is quick and efficient.

Sharon W.

Best chai ever

I absolutely love bondai chai it's my favourite chai ever. My favourite flavour would be cinnamon but only just because I love vanilla as well. Definitely recommend you try it.

Carl O.

The best Chai Ever

Thanks for selling direct to the public! This is the best Chai I've ever tasted. Bought this at a coffee shop nice and have not turned back - buy direct now and can enjoy daily. Thanks!

Carl O.

Best Chai Ever

Easy serve packets, ideal for our group morning teas and a hit with our clients!

Melissa H.

Best Chai on the planet!

Always an easy process to order, quick service delicious chai!

Colette B.

So Happy

Bondi chai is absolutely delicious..tastes so good just like a cafe!

Linda K.

I just LOVE it!

Love it so much I keep coming back. Club Cinnamon is my favourite chai. Always an easy experience to order.

Sue M.


Perfect experience

Bridget F.

A perfect way to start my day

I've had nothing but a great experience purchasing through Bondi Chai. I love the Ginger and Spice Chai, it's been a game changer for me.

Lexie H.

Love this Chai

Excellent! Quick delivery I love it!!

Fiona E.

Vanilla honey

Love this chai it's the best on the market that I've tried so far my only complaint is I wish you could do a keto version of this or one of your other flavours as I love the original one as well so currently I don't drink it anymore since going keto but if you can come up with a keto one that would be awesome.

Toni B.

Very nice, but too sweet - could do with much less of whatever u use to make it sweet.

Very professional service

Toni B.

It is perfect

It is perfect

Anne P.

Love it

Experience was great now I need to order some more.

Therese L.

My Chai

Wonderful my favouriye Chai

Deborah O.

Good Service Great Product

I bought this variety as a gift for my Mother in Law who loves things with ginger she enjoyed it so much she asked me to get her some more! Easy fuss free ordering quick delivery...

Sharon W.

Best ever chai

Bondai chai is seriously the best I have tasted. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone. This is probably my 5 re-order and there will be many more. Its very concentrated and you only need half the amount for a cup than others so it lasts a long time.

Dianne C.

My favourite

Love the cinnamon Vanilla honey. Easy online purchase quick delivery. Highly recommended.

Katherine P.


Amazing Chai blend. Very tasty and quite sweet (which I love).

Margaret B.

Would not drink anything else!

I keep ordering because I and my O.T. (when she visits) LOVE it.

Toni B.

Nice mug

Very good, posted quickly and the Mug although it looked small, is actually just the right size.... wish I had 2

Toni B.

Convenient sachets

Very nice way to try the product in sachet form. It was good to take a sachet or two to work. Very convenient, but of course better value to purchase the larger packs.

Heather L.

Awesome chai

Excellent. Great chai and terrific service x

Jade C.

The best Chai ever

It was amazing and the product is soooooo yummy and very fast delivery too

Gwenda M.

Enjoyable drink

A very easy website to order from and also very quick to send my order. A real pleasure to deal with.

Wendy W.

Club Cinnamon

The whole transaction was excellent

Sandra H.

Bondi Chai

Love the taste and better still has no effect on my digestion. Have many foods and drinks I cannot consume.

Karen b.

Great taste!

Excellent service and product

Joanne G.

Great Productr, Excellent Service

Bondi Chai have been excellent suppliers of an excellent product. They phoned to clarify my online purchase the next morning and had it in the post that day. Thank you Bondi Chai for giving the best customer service possible.

Rebecca C.


I love my Bondi Chai Spiced but Ginger Spice is a whole new love

Belinda R.

No gimics. I'm hooked. Best chai you'll taste

From my favourite cafe to my home and work. Searched high and low for the best chai and this is it. The single serves are perfect for work and now my colleagues are hooked too. Both flavours are amazing and the mixed pack gives you the best of both worlds.

Clare S.

Very Happy

Great experience hassle free process and delivery was swift, will be a repeat customer

Christine M.

Bondi Chai

Easy to order, fast delivery, will definitely be ordering more.

Gwenda M.

Really enjoyable

I had problems on the online site, so phoned and made my purchase that way which was extremely easy. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and obliging. I really love the Ginger n Spice either hot or cold. Definitely recommend.

Dej J.

Not sure what you mean with Title of review

Fantastic, a nice surprise with a Bondi Chai tin thank you its much appreciated.

Jamie H.

Mixed Pack Singles

Fast Delivery to WA , singles are easy to use no measuring, chai flavours are nice , definitely worth a try

heather e.

Best chai ever

Bondi chai is the bomb! All the flavours are great but the ginger is the best

Heather L.


Wonderful. Super easy to order. Notified all the time about delivery always on time and is delicious

Bridget F.

My favourite

It's so lovely to be able to have a delicious chai latte that is lactose free. I've searched for years to find a nice one and this is by far my favourite.

Melissa B.

Pleasantly spicy

I always enjoy receiving goodies from Bondi Chai,it is the best tasting chai out there and delivery is always fast.

Dej J.

Club Cinnamon product

A Great expireance

Samantha W.

Who doesn't love Bondi Chai

As always, Bondi Chai serves the goods! Thank you for making this heavenly drink possible!

Joanne C.

Easy as !

Super fast postage. The drinks are amazing. My favourite Chai powders around

Paul A.

Amazing. Sweet Delicious. My kids love it.

Amazing service.

Elizabeth D.

Could have stronger flavour

Very prompt delivery. Mixture is very sweet but chai flavours need to be much stronger for my palate

Alana B.

All good!

Great tasting Chai delivered free and on time.

Katherine m.

Love love love

havent had any in years and i decided to treat myself during everything going on at the moment and im so happy to have it back in my life. Hits the spot when I want somthing sweet

Rachael T.

Very happy!

So glad I came across Bondi Chai. It's so delicious. Will definitely continue to purchase.

Susan L.


These Vanilla Honey Chai Lattes are delicious!


First Order

Easy to order arrived within a couple of days very nice drink.

Casey N.

Delicious and Easy To Make

I love my Bondi Chair sachets! They are not only delicious, I make them with my Nespresso milk frother and they turn out perfect. The best way to chill on a stressful day. Thank you! I have been sharing them with friends and family as they are so yummy!

Suzi C.


Super quick delivery and delicious product! Looking forward to trying more.

Mark S.

I love Chai Latte

Bondi Chai is the absolutely the best Chai I have ever tasted , better than any that I have tried from some of the best Cafes Australia wide.

Helen R.

Amazing chai!! Love it!!

Very good and loved the quick delivery.

Margaret B.

Love it, Love it, Love it.

100% - I love the Vanilla Honey and my O.T. loves the Club Cinnamon. Being Gluten Free it is her favourite.

Lana R.

Absolutely Love Ginger n Spice

This chai tastes amazing.I have purchased all 3 flavours and this one is my favorite. The order was processes quickly and dispatched super fast.

Jacinta C.

My favourite chai of all time

Great product and excellent service

Megan G.

Club cinnamon

Love this chai, yummy without all the nasty ingredients some chai's have. Easy to order, free and prompt delivery, what else could you ask for!

Susan L.

Vanilla Honey Chai Latte

It is delicious!

Ian F.

Cinnamon Bondi Chai

Always Excellent Service from Bondi Chai,Thanks

Brett G.


Pleasant overall

Sharon T.

Love my Bondi Chai!

Thank you Bondi Chai! What a pleasure dealing with a perfectly wonderful business. 5 stars for everything: service, ease of ordering, delivery and most of all your fabulous product. One of my great pleasures in life now is sitting down to my coconut milk Bondi Chai club cinnamon chai latte. Delightful!

Nicole L.

Best Chai

After trying out your sample pack I was hooked! I would have purchased more but the 100units were more expensive than the smaller quantities. Best with skim milk.

Lisa B.

Love, love, love

Absolutely love my honey chai every night. Arrives quickly after ordering. Had to speak to them with a request, lady was lovely and nothing was a problem. Glad I went to the right place to try this product and happy I am able to purchase.

Ashleigh R.


Amazing! Second time re-odering. Love it so much I wouldn't try anything else!!!

Liz R.

First time purchaser!

Great company to deal with a Great product. Easy ordering and quick dispatch even through Covid.

Kerry O.

Bondi Chai sachets

I fell in love with your product along time ago, the flavour is beautiful. I find that whatever base you have them on its texture and flavour is perfect.

Linda K.

Smooth flavour

I just love Bondi Chai, lovely comforting, sensual drink! Smooth full of flavour.

Rosemary B.

Ginger n Spice

Loved it. Added “zing” makes it my absolute favourite. Have already recommended it to my friends. Finished the first pack in under three weeks!

Heather L.


All good. Ordering is very easy. Thank you. And the chai is delicious

Nicole Q.

Ginger n Spice all things nice

Yum! Loving the convenience of sachets - now regardless of my dietary needs, I can indulge in the sweet richness of a chai latte wherever I am :)

Margaret A.

Love Bondi Chai

I thought they didn't make Bondi Chai anymore till I saw It in a cafe. So I went online and found it does exist. Arrived very quickly with free postage. Will need to order more as nearly out of it I love it so much.

Raylene W.

Best Chai

Website very easy to order, delivery very quick having me never without my Bondi Chai fix.

Ashleigh R.

Trust me... you need to CHAI this!!!

Warning!!! Do not buy this Chai unless you're prepared to start an obsession! I bought the 40 pack thinking it would last me 40 days... I don't know what sort of magic is inside Bondi Chai but these sachets are disappearing faster than I can fathom! Just waaaaaay too good to be true!!! I thought I was a seasoned chai lover, but these have just blown all the other brands out of the water. So silky, smooth the flavours so beautifully strong! I love the Vanilla Honey with regular milk the Club Cinnamon with soy milk! Well done Bondi Chai - you've got a newly converted customer in me!

Jacinta C.

Love it

Love this chai powder - good quality and great value - have perfected my chai latte and have already had a repeat purchase

Vanessa W.


just tried my first ginger and spice latte wow delicious, such a smooth soft taste. for people that don't like to much ginger perfect amount. it is also dairy free and vegan love it will be ordering more thanks Bondi Chai xx

Patricia C.

Fantastic product

We love these products and have them all the time and always great sevice.

Raelie M.

In Love

I absolutely love this tea. Gorgeous. Couldn't start my day without it now. The price is amazing too. Easy to order, fast shipping.

Lucy H.

Vanilla chai

Love it , you can taste the natural flavours unlike the other brands that I just could not stomach anymore, it was time to order online, I was desperate for a Bondi Chai, so glad I did, never going back to the other guys again, this is gold for us sweet toothies who love chai tea!!!!

Sarah H.

Bondi Chai Delivery

The process of ordering online was very easy and Bondi Chai is my chai of choice. Due to the delay in delivery, I am still to receive my order.

Susie P.


This is the best Chai I've had! Easy to order and delivered promptly! This is my winter go to, love it! Thank you

Ms G.

Good value

Love this product and how quickly it was forwarded to me

Wendy W.


Excellent. As usual, no difficulties at all.

Melissa B.

Nice and spicy

After not having had any Bondi Chai for a while,I was so glad I made my recent purchase of the ginger and spice variety. I intend to make another purchase soon. Postage was much faster than I expected too,given these current conditions so that was a bonus.

Paul W.

Nice N Spicy

great new taste

Desiree B.

Where have you been all my life!!

Ashamed to say I've only received discovered the deliciousness of Bondi Chai but promise am making up for lost time and telling anyone/everyone who'll listen how great the Bondi Chai product and customer service is. Delivery from NSW to QLD insanely quick and efficient (have made two orders within the space of two weeks). LOVE love absolutely LOVE Bondi Chai (Club Cinnamon) X


I can take them everywhere!

I am so pleased my thoughtful friend gave me the gf df ginger spiced chai for my birthday!! I have since bought 2 packets of the individual sachets because I can take them everywhere! Thank you for such a delicious, addictive product.

Belinda R.

stayinghome with Bondi Chai

I've always loved Bondi Chai. Favourite cafes always stock it. Probably why they are my favourite cafe. Tried plenty of chai since staying home, trying to find the nicest. Bondi Chai so far hits all the right flavours.

Linda C.


Great service and great Chai!

Raylene W.

Just enough spice

I have my Club Cinnamon with almond milk no extra sugar as I find this drink sweet enough. This is my preferred hot or cold over ice drink as I don't drink coffee.

Amy C.

Iso with Bondi Chai

Stocked up for the long haul iso with Bondi Chai! Although my 5 year old loves her Chai too! Convenient and so quick to deliver!


Best Chai around

I have been buying this for years to have at home hot and cold, nothing beats Bondi Chai :)

Alan R.

No arrived as yet

No arrived as yet


Amazing chai

Finally a chai latte as good as a cafe one that can be enjoyed at home. Absolutely love both! Glad I seen the Bondi chai car in the school Carpark!


Oh My Gosh.....

A friend of mine introduced me to Bondi Chai, and gosh, I am so happy she did!!! Bondi Chai is the most yummy Chai Latte I've ever tasted! The new flavour Ginger n Spice is also very nice. On top, it's easy to order, even with free delivery and my parcel arrived fast. Great customer service. I'll be back for more soon!

Lauren H.


I spent so long looking for a gluten free chai latte mix and FINALLY I fell onto Bondi Chai. What a dream, tastes delicious. I'm hooked! :)

Nola H.

Gluten free Dairy free

Tastes SO good!! Very addictive.

Kathy H.

Ginger n Spice

I love the flavour - but found that it does not dissolve as well as I think it should. I feel like there is a lot of undissolved in it and it spoils the last few mouthfuls.

Margaret B.

Love it.

I am not a coffee lover but this I LOVE. I have a cup every day and thoroughly enjoy it. I also have an O.T. who visits occassionally she has to have Gluten Free products. Guess who else loves BondiChai


Love it! ! month supply sorted.

I like the convenience of the sachets and this sets me up for the month.

Jennifer Y.

Ginger n Spice

Love Ginger n Spice! But why can't we buy in 1 kg pack as we can with your other products

Julie C.

Club Cinnamon

Love that it's flavour isn't overridden by too much sweetness......have given one bag to a friend who also loves it. I have mine with macadamia milk.

Linda K.

I just love club cinnamon!

Always a fabulous experience. I just love the ease of having my favourite chai at home, every day!

Ian G.

Great, as usual.

Great, as usual.

Lisa C.

A bit sweet for me

I've been buying the cinnamon chai for a long time now and wanted to try the vanilla honey. I've decided that I will stick to the cinnamon. The Vaa a mills honey is just too sweet for me. I still love the Bondi Chai. And highly recommend it.

Dianne W.

Best Chai ever

It is the best Chai I have ever tasted. I ordered it online and it was here in no time, very happy customer 

Anne-Marie R.


The best chai thanks so much

Lyn C.

Purchase of Club Cinnamon 40 Sachets

Excellent product as well as your Vanilla Honey Sachets. I have converted other family members to your products now a family favourite! Speedy delivery!

Donald M.

5 Star Club Cinnamon

Quite possibly the nicest Chai Latte I have ever had. Great service too! Well done Bondai Chai - I'll be back:)

Yvonne F.


Am on AIP diet, cannot have .... this drink is fantastic, but stick with the recommended mix too much or too little makes a BIG difference.

Julie B.

Continuing Love Affair

as always - great! We buy the bulk packet for home use, and the sachets to take with us when we go out etc.

Wendy W.


In a word, EXCELLENT!

Gail P.

Chai Mixed Pack

We all enjoy your Chai powder, it has a beautiful flavour.

Linda K.

My very favourite!

I just LOVE the cinnamon spice chai. Had run out no other chai is a substitute for it!

Margaret B.


This is my Morning Cupppa - it is also loved by my O.T. Only thing she will drink when she visits. Give it a 100% rating.

Phillip L.

Quite disappointing

Way too much sugar and not aromatic enough for a chai latte unfortunately

Heather L.

Excellent service beautiful chai

Thank you. The website is very user friendly, the delivery time and the ability to track is excellent and, of course, the chai is delicious

Vicki K.

Love your chai

I thought it was easy from start to finish

Hayley B.


Best chai going around. Sweet and cinnamon-y, just how I like it.

Bronwyn L.

Fantastic! So prompt with delivery!

Fantastic! So prompt with delivery! I recommended this product to Moo Cafe in Bondi

Megan T.


I really love the vanilla honey flavour. When I saw this new flavour I wanted to try it. I like it but don't love it as much as the vanilla honey.

Jan H.

A bit too sweet

I like it but found it a bit too sweet. I then watered it down but then it was too weak

Erin F.

Another Winner

While I can't speak for the product myself, I can say that I brought this for my gluten free, dairy free friend and she has been raving about it. She even took some with her on holidays so she could have a drink every day. As it's very difficult to find gf, df products for her to enjoy that are a little bit different, this was a winner! My friend has already committed to buying more in the future. Thanks, Bondi Chai!

Juanita J.

Totally delish

wow what great flavours and so easy to make. I am loving this and extra love the mugs i got also. Thanks

Kirsty B.

Stop thinking, buy it now

Awesome product!!! I started buying the smaller packets but not my partner is addicted we buy the 1kg bags. Very tasty, my favourite Chai ever! Strongly recommend! I use mine with a milk frother and do recommend using it with frothy milk as it does make a difference

Toni B.

Very nice

Excellent, faultless - delivered so Quickly!

Toni B.

Very nice

Delivered fast, only just tried this one tonight, very nice

Lexie H.

Great service

Quick free post. Love the product

Lee-ann L.

Looooove it

I have been buying Bondi Chai for over 2 years. It never disappoints. I wish more coffee shops used it, when I catch up with friends for coffee I end up drinking water because no other chai is as good as Bondi Chai.

Jenna B.

Love it!

We have gone back for our second order of Bondi Chai because it's so delicious. Will be back!

Brooke R.

Love love love

Amazing! quick delivery of quality products!

Valda W.

Club Cinnamon

Could not fault in any way went smoothly from order to delivery. Wish every company was as efficient.

Lyn C.

Purchase of Vanilla Honey Sachets

Excellent service, prompt delivery and an amazing chai product!

Lyn C.

Purchase of Vanilla Honey Sachets

Excellent service, prompt delivery and an amazing chai product!

Sarah A.

So delicious!

So easy to purchase, and the Chai is absolutely delicious! Will definitely be purchasing again.

Mim B.

Best Chai ever

Will definitely back to buy more

Lisa K.

Mixed pack

Love it, so glad I can purchase these mixed packs, will be a repeat customer for sure.

Wendy W.

Bondi Chai

Great! Very prompt delivery.

Jessikah A

Better than a coffes shop chai

Tried this stuff at a chocolate and coffee festival. Tasted great so bought a bag to make it at home myself. After my first cup I was on their site buying more, it was so amazing. Got a vanilla honey one too that I can't wait to try next.

Narelle H.

Quick service

product was easy to order and I received it within 2 days.

Nicole C.

perfect all round

very easy to deal with. Arrived extremely early. Tastes great!

Linda K.

Just love the ease of the morning cedar singles!

Love, love, love Bondi Chai! My favourite chai blend ever!! The singles packs are just so convenient for travelling ( or if you forget to order more of the large packs!)

Linda K.

Great product

Always a great experience. Great product .

Nicole Q.

Great product quick delivery

This really is a wish come true! With my dietary limitations, I've been hoping for a product this delicious that won't upset my tummy :) Thanks so much Bondi Chai!

Ken C.

Interesting new flavour

I like the new flavour but it's heavy on the cinnamon, very gritty sludge forms in the cup

Lisa C.

Bondi Chai rocks

The ordering was easy. The delivery was quick. I love the flavour the ease of the sachets. A totally excellent experience.

Lyn M.

Ginger n Spice

Was OK, but not enough ginger it was more of a christmas spice. Was hard to dissolve the spice unless done with boiling water first before adding the hot milk. I was looking for more of a Ginger latte flavour

Leona B.

Ginger n Spice

I love this new flavour, it's nice for a change from the regular Chai. Will definitely buy it again.

Nicole H.

Great gluten free option

I was looking for a gluten free replacement and this is it! Must have with milk for that cream taste.

Nicole H.

Gluten free travel

Great gluten free travel option.

Julie B.

Go-To Comfort Drink

Yes, we still love our Bondi Chai - hot for winter - cold for summer. We appreciate the Ingredients List - a healthier alternative - for our better. Peter Julie Boardman

Joanne G.

Vanilla Honey Sachet Pack

Lovely smooth product. Highly recommend for a delicate flavour to sit and relax with. Great prompt service when dealing with purchase to be posted. Many thanks, you are 5 STAR rating.

Lans M.

Love it

Excellent. Easy to order online and delivered on time.

Nerilee S.

Bondi Chai have the best Chai Latte's

Excellent. Have ordered for a couple of years now and love their Chai's.

Deborah O.

Love it!

Great product service, fast delivery. Both flavours make for a very tasty relaxing chai latte tea break my attempt at making the Bondi chai cheesecake recipe off the website was a successful delicious experience for the whole family:) Thanks Bondi Chai!

Naomi R.

Thankyou Bondi Chai for the perfect chai latte!

I am a fussing chai drinker and would only buy my chai latte from one cafe. Then I found Bondi Chai.... I am SO happy that I took the gamble and bought it to try. I now can make my own chai at home and have saved $$$. It has such a nice flavour and I LOVE both the cinnamon and vanilla flavours - hard to choose a favourite. You wont regret it! Give it a go!! Thankyou Bondi Chai!

Melissa O.

Great love it very happy

Great love it very happy with product

Yasmine H.

Love Bondi Chai!

Great experience, fast shipping, best chai. I originally ordered Bondi Chai for my husband for his birthday. He loves it so much this is now our second order. Thanks!

Ian G.

Great, as always. Cheers, Ian

Great, as always. Cheers, Ian Grant.

Lans M.

Love it

We love the taste

Linda K.

Just as nice in the new pack.

Every experience with Bondi Chai is a great one, just like every cup I make at home. I love the new pack too!

Yvonne F.

Bondi Chai versus Pod Chai

Very good, different to the Pod Chai I have been having.

Mrs J.

My comfort drink.

My overall experience with Bondi Chai has been fantastic. Love the product no sooner have I submitted the order, it has arrived.

Rebecca C.


perfect option for work! I have the larger packs at home but these guys are great to pop in my work bag or handbag and have ready on hand. Gluten Free too - Big Bonus :)

Kirsty B.


I started drinking Bondi Chai at my local cafe and decided to make it at home. I'm really happy and really impressed. My partner and I love a good chai latte and will continue to buy it. I make mine with milk only and add a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top

Becky H.

Best Chai Ever

My son and I love a chai and Bondi Chai has the best flavour of any I have tasted. It is the perfect treat plus quick service means I never run out. We love it.

Smadar S.

Perfect Easy website to place

Perfect Easy website to place orders and always received on time!

Cheri R.

Addictive and Soothing!

Very quick service and delivery, 10/10 Thank you

Andrew S.

Happy wife

I purchase this for my wife as it is truly her favourite drink. Love the fast delivery and the great customer service

Samantha G.

Vanilla Bondi Chai

Hi guys. I love this chai so much. So creamy and tasty, whilst not being too intense. The only down fall is that you can only buy the vanilla or plain powders with 2 packs minimum of each, as I would of still brought two packs but one of each flavour so I could test out what was best for me. But two thumbs up for the quality of your product (vanilla) great with soy milk

Bridget I.

Yum! The best hot drink ever!

Awesome! So helpful in answering my questions, thank you!! Will be buying Bondi chai for a long time. Tastes amazing, mixes well, my only go to hot beverage. Love, love, love Bondi Chai.

nik c.


Very quick turn around. Thanks again Bondi Chai

Mark W.

Bondi chai

Tastes so good. Recommended

Sandra H.


I'm Lactose free and have to drink Decaf coffee. I can drink my Bondi Chai and suffer no effects.

Linda K.

I love Bondi Chai cinnamon!

I just love the taste! It's rich, creamy delicious customer service is excellent! Thanks Bondi Chai

Fed M.

Tastes great on soya almond

I order 2kgs @ a time thanks.

Elena H.


I am in love with Bondi Chai.

Linda K.

My favourite chai katte

Just love Bondi Chai, ordering is easy, delivery is fast. Dissolves easily. Tastes yum!

Sally-Anne K.

She loved your products

I purchased your mixed single serve packs for my sister in law who lives in Queensland. The only hot drinks she has is Chai or hot chocolate. She absolutely loved your chai and the single satchets were perfect for her very busy lifestyle. 

Kathryn B.

An Addictive Indulgence!

My first mixed pack of Bondi Chai didn't disappoint! The Vanilla Chai is delicious as a cold drink made with Paul's organic full cream milk and the occasional blob of cream from the carton. A yummy satisfying drink for our hot, long, humid Summer days on the Mid North Coast. The vanilla flavour is subtle and delicate. On colder days I love to add a couple of marshmallows to my hot Bondi Chais. They partially melt as they float around the top and add another dimension with their gooey sweetness.

Graeme L.

Bondi Chai

The experience was excellent , fast shipping and great correspondence with follow up of purchase , and the product is very good ,possibly a bit to sweet for me as I don`t have sugar in my coffee etc but my wife loves it, and as they say happy wife happy life. Thanks again.

Helen O.

Club Cinnamon

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas so she can make her own chai latte at home. She loves Bondi Chai Cinnamon and says it is just as good as any coffee shop can make.

Gwenda M.

Love it

This Tote Bag is a perfect size and will be very useful

Geoffrey L.

Excellent Product

Great company to purchase from.

Mark W.


Latte satchels are my new favourite way to enjoy a cup of hot milk. Highly recommend. Mark

Ramona P.

my first Bondi Chai

Excellent, thank you very much! Fast delivery, kept up-to-date on the progress of my order, and very enjoyable product! An improvement I suggest is offering the product in a nicer and more environmentally friendly package, such as a cylindrical cardboard box.

Ian G.

Excellent. Cheers, Ian Grant.

Excellent. Cheers, Ian Grant.

Dawn D.

BondiChai 1 kg

Great! And it is delicious!

Judy K.

Chai Latte Heaven

A great gift for friends who love chai lattes as much as I do - as a cold/iced refresher in summer, & a warming comfort in winter.

Mrs J.

Tasty gifting.

The 200g is a great size to gift as a 'taster' to those who hopefully will become regular customers. An easy swift purchasing experience.

Tanya P.


It was quick delivery

Peter H.

Great product great service

As usual excellent

Sandra V.

Very happy lady

Loved the product. Will be back for more soon

Patricia C.

Fantastic tasting Chai

I have purchase Bondi Chai for a number of years now and this would have to be one of the best I have ever tested and had the flavour is amazing and the finish product if second to none.

Linh N.

My girls love it

I have a 7yo and a 4 yo, chai latte on soy is their favourite drink for breakky

Helen W.

Disappointing - too much sugar

Sorry but I no longer like this as it is too sweet and too much sugar. I have moved on to matcha chai and turmeric chai. Any chance that you can add these to your selection

Caitlin M.

5 star everytime!

Delicious product and fast delivery. What more can you ask for every time I've ordered I've always been impressed with how easy the website is to use and how fast it then arrives. If you are worried about the price- don't be... you absolutely get the quality that you are paying for

Linda K.

Just love it!

I just love it! Now having to limit myself to one a day as I could drink it all the time! Fast delivery too.

Laura T.

Excellent product and service

Easy ordering and payment, the team ensure quick turnaround on packaging and delivery. Great product, wouldn't use anything else, nothing compares to your Chai!


nothing comes close

Love Bondi Chai! I can't drink any other brand now, so spoilt :)

Jacqueline M.

Too sweet

Hi - the taste was ok but way too sweet. I gave them to my office and everyone said the same thing

Julie B.

Repeat Customer

We first purchased this from a supermarket, and then found that we were able to purchase online in a bulk size, and as we enjoy this flavour of Bondi Chai, we decided to do that. We have been purchasing for a few years now, and also find the sachets great when we travel or go out for the day etc.

Ashleigh B.


Wouldn't get anything else!

Nerilee S.

taste sensation

I love Bondi Chai, have a stack of the mixed singles in my drawer at work.

Sue T.

Club Cinnamon is my favourite Chai.

I have been drinking Bondai Chai for over 10 years now. I remember purchasing my first bag at Newfarm Farmers Markets in Brisbane after sampling Club Cinnamon. It was an instant hit with me. I now live in Toowoomba Qld where we experience all of the seasons with Winter being my favourite. I really enjoy having a daily cup of Cinnamon Chai especially on the more miserable cold and windy days. Winter and Chai just seem to go together...cold Cinnamon Chai...who could ask for more. I also enjoy my Chai in the other seasons as well. It is really hot at the I go to the opposite extreme and chill out with a wonderful Chai Frappe. It has been many years and the taste of Bondi Chai is still the best on the market.

Rebecca H.

Not what I expected

I'd heard good reviews on Bondi chai which is why I purchased, however I wasn't a fan of the product unfortunately.

Linda K.

Spicy chai

This is a lovely drink!! Creamy, spicy cinnamon, comforting. I Love it!! Looking forward to trying it as a cold drink as well.

Ken L.

Very tasty, with great value for money

Stress free ordering and speedy delivery for a product that goes down so smoothly.

Sharon W.

The Best chai around

Bondai Chai is my favourite chai ever I even use it in my porridge. You also need to use less of Bondai Chai than others which is great.

Sharon Wiseman

The Best chai

I love Bondai Chai vanilla honey it's the right balance of flavours. I also love vanilla honey creme Caramel recipe you need to try it!!

Karen B.

Great Quality Excellent Service

Have dealt with Bondi Chai a few times, love their product and service is always fast with no problems.

Amber M.


We only drink Bondi Chai and absolutely love the flavour it has in every sip!

Caitlin M.

This is the second time

This is the second time I've purchased Bondi Chai mix and I LOVE it!! I live in rural NSW so I don't have access to cafes and restaurants so to be able to make myself a good quality, yummy hot drink at home is GREAT! And the delivery is extremely fast which is even better!

Rebecca C.

Favourite Chai

This is the best Chai latte mix that I have found. Easy to use and great flavour. Thanks!!


Cuppa Time Perfection

Having discovered this product (initially in Coles) some years ago as a non-coffee drinker, I was so surprised as to both the deliciousness and healthiness of the product. Nothing compares and its use is versatile as I have used it as a topping for ice cream, whipped it in to some cream and am going to blend it in my next cheesecake. Thank you Bondi Chai for my daily indulgence.

Leita Q.

Chai flavor

Excellent ! My son loves it also.

Claire B.

Only chai latte I drink.

Love this drink. Low in sugar and fat I drink it more in the winter. It is very relaxing to sit with a warm cup on cold days and it is my pre bed nightly drink.

Marianne C.

Bondi chai love

Quick delivery, quality product.

Vanessa J.

Club Cinnamon

Bondi Chai Club Cinnamon has a beautiful blend of spices that come together to make the most amazing chai latte


Great for travelling

Just used my last sachet this morning after a night in motel after a wedding. Have to have more sachets as just so convenient. I do however have large bags for emergency / everyday supply in pantry! Absolutely LOVE my Bondi Chai

Leona B.

Happy Customer

I love placing orders for my Chai as it is so easy and the order is always delivered very quickly. Thank you Bondi Chai.

Melissa B.

Too tempting

I was happy with the speed of delivery ,however I shouldn't really order this size anymore because the temptation to have it all at once is too great.I finished this bag within three or four days at the most.

Melissa B.

Perfectly portioned

These sachets are very convenient as well as being delicious. I ordered these when there was a special promotion running. I also appreciate the free postage.

Elizabeth H.

Great taste service

Very quick to dispatch order. Delicious , easy to make hit or cold.

Andrea L.

Fantastic Chai Latte....too expensive!! Its cheaper to go to my local cafe!

The taste is great...we have it with smoothies as well as hot chai with Soy Milk. Probably wouldnt buy again. I pay $5.50 at my local cafe. It costs me more at home as i have to make it and use my own milk!,

Tanya S.

Delicious Chai

The chai tastes delicious and our kids love it too.

Georgina E.

Great product

Arrived quickly, very happy thanks :)

Melissa P.

Always the best

Amazing, second time I've bought this mixed pack, perfect for work as I work in different departments I've always got a satchel in my bag so I never miss my bondi chai

Margie T.

Brings back fond memories!

Had my first taste of Bondi Chai whilst on holidays in Port Stephens recently. Now every time I make myself a Bondi Chai it brings back fond memories of my holidays!

Steve Barnes

Best Ever

My day simply couldn't start without a dirty Chai.


I love the Vanilla Honey flavour

I love the Vanilla Honey flavour - I've never actually tasted anything like it and my family and friends have had the same reaction as I have.


The best chai on the planet

Hi there, Firstly, I would like to thank you for the best chai on the planet (in my opinion). I first tasted it at Aroma Festival last year... absolutely adored it and bought bucket-loads


I just LOVE it

I bought 2 bags of your product at the Royal Easter Show and I just LOVE it. I was addicted to the Lipton Chai latte sachets prior to finding your product. I was very concerned about the ingredients I was injesting but couldn't "kick the habit". The biggest selling point for me was the No Trans Fatty Acids


Mix the 2 varieties together!

Thanks Martin! We have been buying your product for a while now and love it and I took your advice and mix the 2 varieties together.

Lyshia H.

Love, love, love it

Great product, exceptional customer service.

Sarah K.


Sourced this chai after having it at a local cafe. Ordered the samples to work out which one I prefered best and then ordered the 1kg bag! :D

Sarah C.


Literally the best. Game changer. Thanks legend xxx

Doreen G.

Club Cinnamon

Probably the best chai I have ever tasted !!!! Will definitely purchase again

Lisa M.

Ginger n Spice

I'm so glad I gave Bondi Chai a try. The blend stirs in perfectly and the flavours are delicious. My order arrived within days despite covid restrictions being in place. I'm recommending to anyone who needs a great chai fix during lockdown!

Tayler O.

Love them!

This was a great first purchase because I got to try both, and experiment with adding my usual espresso and then I went and bought the kilo of the flavour I prefer - club cinnamon! The vanilla one is much less intense, and the club cinnamon is more like a usual chai - it's less sweet (but in a good, healthy way)

Karen C.

Club cinnamon

Very smooth Chai. Fast delivery.

Emma M.

Love it

Fast delivery and great tasting easy to use . I love Bondi Chai will buy again.

Christopher L.

Best Chai Latte on the market!

Excellent! Too many chai's rely on artificial sweetener/sugar to sweeten the flavour. Bondi Chai is able to create its sweetness from the cinnamon alone, which is a really pleasant experience!

Malinda L.

Fabulous chai!

Great product! Loved the free shipping

Bert T.

Vanilla chai

Enjoy the flavour every morning

Jordan W.

Club cinnamon chai

Shipping was pretty fast and they make the perfect chai that I’ve been searching for.

Tanja B.

Delicious Convenient

Delicious creamy and makes the perfect Dirty Chai as well. The packs a perfect to throw in the bag and the perfect measurement. Dealing with Bondi Chai is also so simple.