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Sam's Coffee

Zwolle, Netherlands

After emigrating to Amsterdam as a child with his family, Sam fully embraced his new life in the Netherlands. As soon as he was old enough to start working, Sam honed his passion for interacting with and helping people grow in various sales roles before pursuing his dream of owning a cafe, Sam's Coffee


Sam's mission is to "continuously look for the best and finest coffee blends" for his guests, a mission that has earned him a trusted reputation in the Zwolle community. He offers barista workshops for newcomers and industry professionals alike. Sam firmly believes that...


“Every experience should be like the first time,

because your first experience is the most meaningful

memory that will stay in your mind forever.”



What do you love most about running your cafe?

I love that I can offer my customers the best coffee & chai. I like providing quality products and being in hospitality.

What books or authors have you found inspirational?

'Steve Jobs' and 'Elon Musk'.

You never leave the house without...?

Hand-brewed coffee.

What was your first job?

As a denim developer. 

My favourite movies are...

Gladiator, Inception and Interstellar. 

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