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Eve, Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia

Eve is a 17-year-old student completing her HSC in 2022. When she’s not hitting the books or fulfilling her role on the student council, she’s getting up early to train with her squad swimming team.


I am happiest when…

Reading, swimming, exploring, cooking, being with my family, laughing and definitely swimming – did I mention that yet?

I never leave the house without…

My keys (definitely – I’ve been locked out too many times), moisturiser (because I never not have dry skin), and a comb.

The people I most admire are…

My parents. My dad has this amazing optimism that really drives me and pushes me to be my best and my mum’s always there when I need a hug and she helps me come back down to reality when I’m having a bit of a stressful day and reminds me ‘I can do this!’.  

My favourite ‘me time’ indulgence is…

Sleeping and eating.   

I am really looking forward to…

Graduating – I just want to get out into the world, meet people and see things.

The song that means the most to me is…

I have a lot of songs. 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' by Ella Fitzgerald is one of my favourites. I always say that I was born too late because I love jazz and I just love that song.

The best movie ever made is…

Ratatouille is my all-time favourite. I think it’s because I’m a bit of a foodie (I’m always hungry) and I like the message it sends.

Why do you drink chai latte, and why Bondi Chai?

I never leave the house without a hot drink, especially in the winter, whether it be a coffee or something else. Caffeine is my best friend, but I love a sweet chai. Chai was the first sweet drink I drank before I drank coffee and I fell in love with it, and now it’s an afternoon tea or before bed staple. It reminds me of being young again and Christmas morning.

When/where did you first taste Bondi Chai?

About 14 or 15, that I can remember specifically, but I probably drank it in a café before that.

Which is your favourite Bondi Chai variety?

I love Club Cinnamon and Ginger n Spice.

Three words to describe Bondi Chai, the company?

Dedicated, Compassionate, Exciting.