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Alfa Bakehouse,

Seddon & Yarraville, Victoria, Australia

Chris' love of baking and cakes birthed a dream to open a small cake shop in Yarraville with his brother George at the start of his journey in the hospitality industry. Using his experience and passion, it wasn't long before they started supplying their local Coles with Tsoureki, a traditional Greek Easter bread.


These days the brothers are running two popular locations under the Alfa Bakehouse banner and plan to expand their Yarraville store into a double-storey landmark bakery. 



How do you separate your personal life from your life at Alfa Bakehouse?

I am able to switch off after work but playing golf really helps especially looking for my ball gets my mind off work.

What’s your favourite ‘me time’ thing to do to relax?

Golf is my new hobby but travelling is also high on the list.

What nice surprises have you found in running Alfa Bakehouse?

The friendships I have made over the years.

Have there been any not-so-nice surprises?

How hard it actually is.

Do you have any advice for someone contemplating opening or buying a café?

Dot your I's and cross your T's. Be prepared for hard work.

What personal touches did you put into Alfa Bakehouse that make it unique?

We added an alfresco area several years ago next to the Yarraville train station that has been very popular.

Do you have any funny or favourite customer stories?

I remember Tarvis Cloke from Collingwood coming with some other team mates to buy a sandwich and I remember being star struck for the first time.

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